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"ketels.de" is the private homepage of Heidrun and Martin Ketels.
In addition to this "ketels.de" shall help to make communication easier between all people with Ketels as their family name. You may look up some e-mail-adresses or might find out something about your ancestors or some relatives you didn't know before.

  • Origin of the name of Ketels?
  • The ancestors of the Ketels family
  • Contact to some members of the Ketels family by e-mail
  • Home exchange with Heidrun and Martin Ketels
  • Around the year 2010 there were 180 entries with "Ketels" as family name in the German telephone directionary. Most of them live in the northern parts of Germany, and quite a few on the Frisian islands. From there the name Ketels has spread to the German mainland, and from there some people went off to go even to America.

    Let's make "ketels.de" to a modern media of bringing people of the same family togehter.

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